The Intention of CrossFit

Imagine a fitness methodology that makes you better at everyday life no matter your age, gender, disability, chronic condition or level of fitness? And you can  have fun and learn new things too. That’s what CrossFit has proven to achieve time after time and here’s why:

  • Well thought out (in-house programmed) workouts that challenge the mind and body in various ways.
  • Rigorously Trained Coaches that teach and instruct proper form and technique while providing support and encouragement.
  • Scalability, this simply means all movement and workouts can be modified to meet you where you are
  • Community working together, you are never alone you’ll always have people there “going through it” with you.
  • Assistance and guidance in your nutritional goals
  • Tracking of progress and new PR’s (personal records) in the Wodify App.

CrossFit is focusing on better nutrition so that one can perform constantly varied functional movements that are performed at high intensity, while being properly coached so that you are the best you can be in your fitness journey. The outcomes are undeniable!