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The Team

Craig Berry – Co-Owner, Head Coach
Working in the private sector, Craig Berry has worked with numerous clients with varying fitness goals. He received a Bachelors of Science from Purdue University in Health and Kinesiology. While at Purdue he worked extensively as an assistant strength and conditioning coach in the department of Kinesiology, as well as a private personal trainer. During his time there he worked with clients from around the world- some include Brazil, Australia, China, Spain, and India.

After Purdue he founded Restart Performance, an athletic-based Physical Therapy Clinic, where he worked with numerous Crossfit athletes and specialized in training around specific injuries.

Craig is CrossFit L1 certified, Head Coach, and Program Director of Ft. Ben CrossFit. He enjoys working with people and guiding them past their expectations!


Additional Coaches:

 Brad Shupe
CrossFit Coach

Laura Daniels
CrossFit Coach
Bran Lanning
CrossFit Coach
Mark Figley
CrossFit Coach
Marvin Utley
CrossFit Coach


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